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Broome Pediatrics is the trusted, caring pediatric office you can count on to care for and treat your child as they grow and mature. From infants to adolescents, we’ve cared for a variety of patients over the years (including those with a range of complex medical issues) with the care, responsiveness and expertise you expect of your pediatrician. We offer the full spectrum of pediatric care, from birth through college. We’re here to help your child grow and ensure they’re kept healthy along the way. We offer our patients’ basic check-ups, physicals, vaccinations, emergency care when needed and much more. We’re happy to accommodate new and current patients with Saturday appointments and 24-hour service, especially when you need us most.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Best in Broome- Never had a bad experience here with all 3 of my girls...the oldest turning 21 this year! if you have a sick child and call they will see you, they come in on the weekend to avoid you going to the ER and having them poke and prod your child for hours. I have high praise for this group of doctors and Dr. Miller is one of the originals.... 

Dr. Carter is the best, everyone in this practice are great!

Claudia Irene Hull 

Everyone at Broome Peds is amazing from the doctor's to the receptionist's! They always fit you in and always treat you like family!

Mellisa Ellis 

Absolutely phenomenal pediatric practice. All the doctors, nurses, and staff are amazing. Their availability and willingness to get you in ASAP (or even talk you through an issue at 1 am via phone!) is so reassuring. Amazing care. Love them!

Crystal Felker 

This place is unreal! They keep doctors on call so you never have to use a walk in or ER visit EVER! Dr, Carter and all the staff and Doctors are just amazing. I cannot say enough about this place and these people. Thank you Broome Pediatrics.

Ryan Chapman